About Us

The Old Dauphin Way Association  (ODWA) was founded in 1974. Along with the Mobile Historic Preservation Society and the City of Mobile, instrumental establishing the Old Dauphin Way Historic District which was officially recognized by the National Regiater of Historic Places ten years later.

Today our mission is to protect, preserve and promote the district.

Membership is open to all district residents as well as to anyone who owns and operates a business here who is sympathetic to our purpose. We engage in a wide variety of activities: keeping our residents informed through newsletters, internet, social media and by holding monthly meetings and events; sponsoring neighborhood cleanups and other projects; recognizing excellence in landscaping, and fighting against development that would threaten the historic and residential character of our neighborhoods.

The Association is led by a Board of Directors which is elected annually by the membership.

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ODWA MEMBERSHIP is open to all residents and businesses of the Old Dauphin Way Historic District. To join click here.
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