Our 2017 Board of Directors
Diana Canady, President
Lydia Craft Blackwell, Vice President, Membership
Renee Paul, Vice President, Marketing
Bettie Champion, Program Secretary
Susan Thomas, Corresponding Secretary
Sally Berry, Treasurer
Rudy Auerbach, Past President
Charles & Holly Storrs, Board Member
Charles McLeod, Board Member
Emily Calloway, Board Member
Joan Hoffman, Board Member
Janine Stebbins, Board Member
Sarah May, Board Member
Dian Bietel, Board Member
Fraser Reid, Board Member

Committees and Assignments
Audio Visual:Rich Gudmundson*
Bylaws: Fraser Reid*, Diana Canady, Rudy Auerbach, Barbara Caddell, Janine Stebbins
City Council Liaison: John Klotz
Beautification -
  Cleanup: Charles Storrs.
   Hammer and Nails: Charlie McLeod, Members: Dian Beitel-calling, Bobby Handley,
       Charles Storrs
   Plant Swap: Joan Hoffman*, Joe Pierce
   Tree: Charlie McLeod*. Bobby Handley, Janine Stebbins, and Dian Beitel ( calling )
   Yard of the Month:: Lydia Craft*
Fundraiser: Rich Gudmundson*,: Lydia Craft and all other board members
History:: Susan Thomas*, John Klotz
Hospitality:: Barbara Caddell*, Sally Berry, Bettie Champion, Holly Storrs, Susan Thomas    
Membership: 2nd Vice President Bobby Handley*, Bettie Champion, Lydia Craft, Emily Callaway.
MHDC Reps: Joan Hoffman and Janine Stebbins.
Newsletter: Diana Canady*.
Picnic: Susan Thomas*, Bettie Champion, Barbara Caddell, Janine Stebbins, Emily Callaway
Programming: Barbara Caddell*, Dian Beitel and Susan Thomas
Public Relations  Diana Canady*,Rudy Auerbach, Janine Stebbins, Renee Paul and Joan Hoffman
Public Safety: Fraser Reid
Website: Rudy Auerbach
Welcome Committee, Lydia Craft*, Emily Callaway, Bettie Champion

* indicates committee chairperson
The ODWA Board meets monthly. Directors also chair and serve on  committees. Every board member is involved in our annual fundraiser in some capacity.

All ODWA members are welcome to serve on committees.

If interested in either serving on a committee or on our Board, email dauphinstreet@gmail.com