The tips here are meant to be a helpful start for anyone having to navigate the city beaurocracy.

ODWA is not an extension of the government - so use these links, but talk to the people downtown who will have the very latest information. Make certain you understand their procedues and the correct order and deadlines for filing.

All exterior work to your historic home  requires approval by the Architectural Review Board. Design guidelines can be obtained from the Mobile Historic District Commission.

If you are putting up a fence, addition, or any other kind of structure, you may also need to get a variance from the Land Use Section of the Urban Development Department (208-5895). Variances are only issued after an advertised public meeting allowing for input from area residents area residents for comment - so be nice to your neighbors. The Land Use Section's Home Page also contains links and downloads about permits and codes for building, electrical, and plumbing work.

Once the historic and zoning hurdles are cleared, the City of Mobile requires all residents to obtain a permit for all work valued over $35. You can download rules about getting a permit from http://www.cityofmobile.org/pdf/150CA017.PDF.

Penalities for non-compliance can include fines and forced-removal of unapproved work.


Dial 311 to contact the city government 24 hours a day 7 days a week by dialing 311 to regarding any issue including trash, litter, animal control, and ditches.

If your carrier cannot access 311, use 208-5311.

More info at: http://311.cityofmobile.org/311react/mainwelcome.aspx

July 5, 19
August 2, 16, 30
September 13, 27
October 11, 25
November 8, 22
December 6, 20

Follow this link to Keep Mobile Beautiful's website for details about the Recycling Center

Trash pick up in the Old Dauphin Way Historic District is on every other Monday. Each residence is limited to approx. 2 cubic yards  (3 feet x 3 feet x 3 feet) or the equivalent of 15 bags. Larger quantities can be taken by residents  to landfill or collected by the Public Works Dept. for a small charge. If your collection day falls on a holiday or you need more information, call the Trash Department at 208-2940. .

As of Jan 1, 2016 the dates posted on the city website for our district's bi-weekly collection were these:

January 11, 25
February 8, 22 March 7, 21
April 4, 18
May 2, 16, 30
June 13, 27

See more at: http://www.cityofmobile.org/trashpickup/trashpickup_north.php#sthash.mfyDvzsW.dpuf

To  print out this list, CLICK HERE.
City ordinance prohibits:
Placement of trash at curbside more than 48 hours prior to the scheduled day of collection. Fine and court costs: $406.00.
Placement of trash on sidewalks, medians, or vacant lots.
Blowing or sweeping of grass or leaves into gutters or storm drains.

Residential trash is defined as limbs, old furniture, appliances, and junk. Yard trimmings and grass clippings should be composed, used as mulch or bagged for collection.
Each residence is limited to approximately 2 cubic yards (3 ft. x 3ft. X 6 ft.) or the equivalent of 15 bags every other week. Larger quantities can be taken by the resident to the trash fill or collected by the Public Works Department for a charge.
If your collection day falls on a holiday or you need more information call Public Works: 208-2940.
For pickup of small electronics, call 208-2940

All Mobile Historic Districts, on City Historic Development Commission site - includes Old Dauphin Way District 


The latest from the National Hurricane Center.

Permits are required from the Department of Urban Forestry for removal of all but three species of scrap trees.

Live Oaks are a special case (try to imagine Mobile without them). You need to get a permit just to prune one - a job generally done by a licensed service.

In all cases, an Urban Forest Ranger may come to your home to see what you're planning on doing and offer advice..

Please remember that we can't assume resposibility for a rule that's changed without our knowledge - so before you reach for that chainsaw, visit Urban Forestry's website or give them a call at 251-208-7896.

July 11, 25
August 8, 22
September 19,
October 3, 17, 31
November 14, 28
December 12, 26