Report Suspicious Behavior
The Mobile Police Department is interested in any and all tips - even anonymous ones.
If you observe any subjects going in and out of yards in your neighborhood please call 911 or 208-7211. Be prepared to give a good description.

Useful Resources:

My Neighborhood 
This interactive map
on the website of
the Mobile County
Sheriff's Office allows
you to see where
and what kind of
crime is happening in
Mobile County .

You can zoom in to
see any  neighbor-
hood and you can
adjust the time
frame for specific
dates. is user friendly and very fast. provides updates several times a for your surrounding residential areas.

251-208-7211 is Mobile Police Department's non-emergency number.  This is a great number to have to report non-emergency concerns to the police.

311 is a great resource for reporting things that the city will have to assist in but, are not criminal in nature (ie) overgrown bushes, power outages etc.

Alabama Power may assist with outside lighting of the home.  You may contact their residential department for further information.

Special Note:
Please report any vagrant activity especially in abandoned homes.  This activity is the cause of many fires.  These fires will not just destroy the abandoned properties but, the surrounding properties as well as well as put lives at risk. 


Crime Prevention Tips
Don't be a victim:
>> If you go out of town, tell a neighbor.
>> Have all outside lights properly working.
>> Do not hide a key - give a key to someone.
>> Always lock your car doors and dead bolt your home doors.
>> Get a dog - barking is a deterrent.
>> Do not leave lawn equipment outside or high priced items that may be carried off.
>> Keep blinds and curtains drawn